Pocket Issue

Fat - Mary Alexander

The nations of the developed world are fatter than they have ever been before. Pocket Issue looks at this growing problem and asks: Is rising obesity causing life expectancy to fall for the first time? How will our healthcare systems cope? What can we do to reverse this growing trend?

Fat: eating ourselves to death? squeezes behind the headlines to give you some well toned answers to the issues.

"Exactly what any busy person needs - the facts at your fingertips! Never get caught out again when a conversation starts on the big issues of our time." Jeremy Vine, BBC Radio 2 & Panorama

Author Mary Alexander is the author of Calling the Shots, a look at childhood vaccination, of Pocket Issue, Food and Pocket Issue, Pandemics. She is ghost author of the memoir, Call Me Elizabeth.

ISBN: 978-0-9554415-5-4
Paperback: 112 pages
Published: July 2008