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Drink & Drugs - Amanda Eleftheriades

Teenagers drinking until they collapse; middle class consumption reaching dangerous levels with record numbers of housewives facing alcohol-induced liver disease; a wrap of cocaine costing less than a trip to the cinema; repeated links between cannabis use and mental health problems. Drinking hours have been extended and cannabis repeatedly regraded, while rehabilitation along celebrity lines is expensive and rare on the NHS.

Drink & Drugs: culture of excess? checks in and asks if there is a quick fix? How is Britain handling societal drugs and alcohol usage? And how does this compare with abroad? Are we so different in our indulgence to the seemingly more civilised Europeans?

"A wide range of viewpoints from other countries and other initiatives that can be taken is packed into this little magic box of easily and quickly absorbed information and thought provoking ideas."
Iain Brown, M.B.E. - Chair of the Glasgow Council on Alcohol

Amanda Eleftheriades has written on substance misuse for various publications including The Herald, Big Issue Scotland and Glasgow’s Evening Times. She also consults for a number of voluntary and public sector organisations supporting people with drug and alcohol problems.

ISBN: 978-0-9554415-8-5
Paperback: 112 pages
Published: November 2008