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  • October 2009 - New audio title Pandemics: what you need to know? is a fully revised edition of our original title. Charting the recent spread of swineflu across the globe the title answers the big questions: how flu pandemics spread? What is a cytokine storm? The ethics of global vaccine and drug distribution policies and whether our governments are doing enough?

  • November 2008 - Britain is the most watched nation in the world. New title Big Brother: who is watching you? traces the rise of big Brother technology from the Domesday to its current height and asks if we are sleep walking our way into a surveillance society.

  • October 2008 - 1000s of British citizens have received training in jihadist camps. New book on Al Qaeda and the current threat asks if the 'war on terror' is working and whether Al Qaeda's strength is on the increase or not.

  • August 2008 - Myth or muffin top? New guide to obesity pinches our collective inch and asks are we 'eating ourselves to death?'.

  • July 2008 - New Credit Crunch book asks 'how safe is your money?' and offers help with your personal finance choices.'.

  • October 2007 - Pocket Issue and the British High Commission send Pocket Issue, Global Warming to Uganda to inform global environment meeting -